March 29, 2008


Heavens, where did the month go? I'm afraid Wireton Willie was wrong this year. Well, it's not fair to wake him up from a deep sleep and expect an accurate prognostication.

It's been sunny for the past week (or is it a couple of days) and one would think that the temperature would correspond. But it's bloody cold out with the north wind blowing. I have been postponing my usual 2 mile walk with the excuse that it's too cold. I'm tired of the weight of winter jackets. And I'm good at making excuses.

Over the past week I've been knitting a baby sweater with scraps of leftover yarn. I'm afraid I'll run out of the main colour before I'm through. I used to be a great knitter when I worked shift and couldn't sleep. Now the problem is - I can't follow a pattern, I keep dropping stitches and making holes. So I've ripped out the whole business at least 10 times and switched to another pattern. Very frustrating. But I have until September which is when the baby is due.

This month I'm filled with anxiety over the art club's assignment. Thankfully it's not due until the end of April so I have a bit of time to mull over the subject. This one doesn't speak to me at all. So much for creativity.

March 6, 2008

Sid Dickens

I was reading Christina's blog this morning with my morning coffee. She was remarking on her collection of Sid Dickens' tiles. I remember admiring them when I visited her a few years ago and then forgot about my urge to own some of these wonderful tiles. I won't go into his 'story' as Christina does a wonderful job describing his background. So I went to his website ( to order myself a gift of a few of these tiles. So hard to choose. And now I still want some of the ones I didn't take.

March 1, 2008

Art Group Night

Geez, I should be going to bed now but this always happens the night of the meeting. Not tired. Anyway, we had a good meeting with a lot of blabbering going on. The dollar store challenge of conversion of a plastic wallet took on many forms as they were revealed . A different approach by all the people involved. My wallet became a roof covered in Excel gum for shingles.

It's sort of a homestead piece with fencing falling down , the weather vain is half the size of the house...poetic licence?
Now it really is time to go to sleep.