May 31, 2008

Art Group Night

Sadly, last night was the final meeting until September. We had donuts as a goodbye treat. But I'm proud to say I held back in honour of my stupid diet. How come the urge for junk food never goes away. Our next assignment to be done over the summer is the alteration of a wooden wind chime. It looks like bamboo. I hate to decorate the wooden tubes lest the beautiful hollow sounds be lost. Well, I shall have to figure it out,

Meanwhile, here is my altered reading glasses.

May 30, 2008

Art club night (EEMUMA)

I can't believe the month has flown by and here I sit, waiting for some kind of inspiration for tonight's art club meeting. For me it was uninspiring. I'm still not finished and the final push to complete it will be like staying up all night studying for the final exam.

These glasses are pretty nifty. The arms move in all kinds of directions. The arms on my glasses are fixed and narrow (from the paint I used).

Did I mention that we have to display them on our faces? I don't know if I can get them on without breaking something. I'll post the finished project in the next few days.

May 16, 2008

Needle Felting

Back in September of last year I saw some photos on Cute Overload of needle felted sculptures of dogs and cats. Some of the photos included the live inspiration beside the smaller version. I thought they were fabulous and placed an order for a likeness of my first cat, Jespah. He's been gone for about 7 years now. I can't believe it. It still seems like only yesterday. The artist, Amelia, has an etsy shop and this is how I contacted her . I think she's done about 500 animals. . I received my sculpture of Jespah last week and I'm so pleased. It would be impossible to make a photographic reproduction but his essence is captured so well. And I think it's a much healthier way of remembering him than the idea of visiting a taxidermist. That would be too neurotic even for me although I did consider it. I know people do it having seen on tv some owners with their stuffed dogs placed beside the sofa.

Here's my little guy.

May 9, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day always used to pose a kind of dilemma when I was younger. Chosing an appropriate gift was impossible. Firstly, I was told that I had no money and why should I waste it on something not wanted. I always felt like a loser. Then I found the perfect gift that all of us could enjoy together - tickets to the latest broadway musical, Cirque de Soleil, dance troupe. But those days are now long gone as my parents age and become frail. I suppose there is always enjoyment in a huge bouquet of flowers. My mother admires them while my father takes about 350 shots of them which he then subjects to photoshop antics. I think I will have to pick up the flowers tomorrow to avoid ending up with nothing when Sunday comes along. I will hit the 4 flower shops at Ave and Dav - the best selection in the city. And, of course, I will drop a bundle to make up for the indecision of chosing which flowers to leave behind.

May 3, 2008

What to do on a drizzly day

Well, the first thing to do is to make a hairdressing appointment, have the hair blown straight and frizzless, spray the living daylights out of it to protect against the humidity factor...and, needless to say, it frizzed right up with the help of a gusty, wet wind. It always seems to be raining the day I'm scheduled for a haircut.

My dad is obsessed with photographing things. Mainly wildlife. But since it was so ghastly out, he had the brainwave to go to his bank and photograph the goldfish in the tank. These are ornamental goldfish and they scare me. Very grotesque looking - as if they had tumours growing out of them. But the plastic plants look pretty realistic.