July 28, 2008

Art works

Saturday was a lovely day for some of our art club members to get together to socialize while working on some of our projects. Carmi has discovered a wonderful rental space - an historic church (Zion Church) which has been converted into a cultural centre. The workspace has a cathedral ceiling, tons of space and wonderful lighting. As usual, it poured rain - thunder, lightning - the whole business. This has been going on for weeks to the point of being a big annoyance. After reapedly getting caught in a downpour and having to buy umbrellas to take me home, I am determined to carry one at all times. I now have 7 umbrellas carefully chosen for their colours. One must have an umbrella that coordinates with one's wardrobe.
As for me, I didn't accomplish much. Hard to concentrate with all that gabbing!
Here are the pictures of my works in progress.....

This is the front of a fabric box.

And this is the beading for a cuff bracelet.
Now, if I can just keep going until they are finished instead of putting them back in a box for 6 months.