May 29, 2009

What ever happened to Chris Isaak?

Out of the blue I happened to be thinking about Chris Isaak and wondering what he's doing these days. I suppose I first became a fan back in 2001 when he had his own tv show late at night - 11:00 pm or later. He played himself along with the other members of his band. Inevitably they would play a concert (written into the plot) or rehearsed. Such a great musician. His song, "Wicked Game", was a huge hit and featured a music video with supermodel Helena Christiansen. I couldn't get enough of it. Nowadays you never hear of him. So I decided to google him only to find that he's coming to Casino Rama the end of July. What a coincidence! The decent tickets seem to go for $148 up to $440. This must be some sort of mistake or am I just no longer in the concert loop know how...

May 27, 2009

Rainy day

Just sometimes losing the harsh sunlight for awhile can be a comfort. Today was the first rainy day in quite a spell and, since the the rain took the form of a soft drizzle and a gentle pit-a-patting on the umbrella, there was none of that urgency to run for cover. Instead, every footstep brought forth a collision with yet another fresh scent - the heady aroma of lilacs, the sharp snap of juniper needles, the earthiness of moist cedar decks... The greenery is so lush right now and robins are busy plucking the lawns for worms. It's also peak time for the spirea to cascade under the weight of their heavy white flowers. The waning tulips are giving way to the tall straight stalks of purple alium, the stands of irises, and the emergence of budding peonies complete with swarming ants, What's their job anyway. the ants?

The next few days seems to have the same forecast as today. I don't mind it one bit except that I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and this humidity turns my mop into a frizz bomb. I guess it's a small sacrifice compared to enjoying nature's bounty. Maybe if I wear my dark glasses no one will know me and I won't feel so ashamed of the hair.

May 22, 2009

The original

For those who enjoyed the advanced cat yodeling, this is the original.

Cat Yodeling

Just when you think there's no relief from the dark cloud floating above you, along comes Paul Klusman, engineer, whose knowledge of cat behaviour is daunting.

May 17, 2009

Everything in 4444s marked down to 333s

I think it's Marissa's invitation to do the list thing that has brought me back to posting. Some health issues have been getting in the way. Well, let's see how much of the questionnaire I can complete. I seem to be stuck at 3s for this list.

Three places that I go to over and over: Starbucks, parents' place, GoodLife fitness

Three people who email me regularly: Chris, Susan, newsletter,

Three favorite smells: coffee, baking bread, Votivo candle - Moroccan Fig,

Other places I would rather be right now: San Francisco, New Zealand, Vancouver,

Three people I think will respond: (am I supposed to email them? or do I just name them?) Leslie, Susan, Chris