May 17, 2009

Everything in 4444s marked down to 333s

I think it's Marissa's invitation to do the list thing that has brought me back to posting. Some health issues have been getting in the way. Well, let's see how much of the questionnaire I can complete. I seem to be stuck at 3s for this list.

Three places that I go to over and over: Starbucks, parents' place, GoodLife fitness

Three people who email me regularly: Chris, Susan, newsletter,

Three favorite smells: coffee, baking bread, Votivo candle - Moroccan Fig,

Other places I would rather be right now: San Francisco, New Zealand, Vancouver,

Three people I think will respond: (am I supposed to email them? or do I just name them?) Leslie, Susan, Chris


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see you back again! I'm away 'up home' in the country, but will return later in the week. Let's be in touch. Hope you are feeling much better. LJM

MarissaDW said...

Glad to get you back into blogging. I miss reading your entries. Hope you feel better. Hope you can come out to dinner with us.

irenka said...

Welcome back, we missed your post.

Anonymous said...

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