May 22, 2011

ATC Night

Friday night marked my return to trading artist trading cards (ATC). I was new to the group of regulars who meet once a month at Bizzy B Stamp and Scrap (in Toronto)to trade their ATCs according to a designated theme. This months topic was 'things French'. Apart from being so welcoming to a newbie, each artist shared the techniques used in making her cards. Some very ingenious women, I must say.
In addition, Tony (the owner) graced the table with enormous red velvet cupcakes and apple strudel. Well worth abandoning the diet for a day. Of course, now I want more.
The following are some of the ATCs traded to me. I regret that my photography skills don't do them justice.

May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Photo credit: Hugo Burnand, AP

Yes, I was one of the fans to get up pre-dawn to watch the wedding. And then I watched it again in the evening. I just love this picture with the kids. They were so adorable and well-behaved under the supervision of Pippa, the bride's sister, a beauty in her own right. Great dress though people were whining that the neckline was too low. Hmmm - grow up.
What intrigued me was the 'fascinator', that little bit from a hat that sat poised near the forehead of the ladies. Some were downright ugly. Take, for example, the baby pacifier on the head of Princess Beatrice. Joan Rivers called it an IUD. The raccoon eyes didn't help either.

Photo credit: US Weekly magazine

I'm given to understand that it is a religious tradition in the Anglican Church for women to wear a head covering while men must remove their hats. So when the Prime Minister's wife arrived sans hat, this constituted an egregious error. The invitation even stated that women must wear hats. Perhaps I'm overly critical.
It was a delightful escape from the woes of the world to pass the time watching this young couple (who are so obviously a 'couple')tie the knot.