April 28, 2012

Look who just turned 1

Whimsy is a big girl now and has added to her obsessions.  She is insane about following shadows and light.
Also likes to behead orchids.
And torment her step-sister, Tayoh

March 10, 2012

11 months already

Whimsy is now 11 months and still wrecking the place. She's broken an antique vase, a lamp, tormented her older sister, Tayoh, opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out all the Q tips. And she's getting a little porky. I feel a lecture coming on from the vet... Nevertheless, she's still cute as a button.

February 3, 2012

Five Fave Fridays: Sweet Treats

1. Les anis de flavigny

2. Chowards violet mints - old fashioned delicate taste

3. Tim Horton's iced capp

4. Cinnabon

5. Starbuck's cake pops

January 21, 2012

Five Faves Friday! Movies

Inspired by Martha Brown, I've chosen 5 movies that made me smile...or scream.

1. Little Miss Sunshine
2. Ghostbusters
3. The Grudge (original Japanese version)
4. Best in Show
5. Jurassic Park