May 14, 2010

An old standby

While taking a break from fabric boxes, I tried to get back to making copper book necklaces. I hauled out my big bottle of liver of sulphur only to discover that the stinky solution had morphed into clear water. Now, how did that happen... I quickly headed downtown to Lacy's to pick up a jar of concentrated l of s which smelled suitably foul and I knew I had a winner. Very strong and requires a delicate touch when oxidizing the pieces of copper unless you want it pitch black.
Tomorrow is east coast rug hooking and yet another project will be in the works.

May 10, 2010

East Coast Rug Hooking

I nearly forgot about the rug hooking workshop which I signed up for a few months back. I've been waiting for a cancellation in the Saturday class to upgrade my spot from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. Alas, it was not to be. I've done a lot of latch hooking in the past but I gather the traditional method is quite different.
The class is taught by Jennifer Archer whose website is and a 'teach yourself' handout can be downloaded here. And the class takes place at The Purple Purl on Queen St.East in Toronto. This is a cozy knitting shop which I discovered while cruising the web. Martha is responsible for alerting all to this class.

May 4, 2010

Camping In

When you haven't a specific project that requires a blast of heat, you can always toast marshmallows in the kitchen with your blow torch. Tastes just like the real deal from bonfire roasting. Yum yum. I suppose this may be dangerous to do indoors since you can't see the flame. I'm moving to the balcony just in case.

May 1, 2010

Back to school

Being a great admirer of Nancy's work, I thought I would follow her suit and sign up for Marie Otero's Digital Magic class starting June 14th. This will be a big challenge for me since I'm no good at photo editing and seem to be a big fan of the 'quick fix' method. But it's high time I learned how to do things especially since I now have PSE 8 on board. To find out more about the class, click on the sidebar image.

And lured by Martha's achievements, I've signed up for Tosca Teran's class in metal and glass at her nanopod hybrid studio( class starts on June 22 and I can't wait. The class is maximum 5 students and NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY is emphasized. How perfect is that! Below is the studio's storefront. Quite gorgeous.