May 1, 2010

Back to school

Being a great admirer of Nancy's work, I thought I would follow her suit and sign up for Marie Otero's Digital Magic class starting June 14th. This will be a big challenge for me since I'm no good at photo editing and seem to be a big fan of the 'quick fix' method. But it's high time I learned how to do things especially since I now have PSE 8 on board. To find out more about the class, click on the sidebar image.

And lured by Martha's achievements, I've signed up for Tosca Teran's class in metal and glass at her nanopod hybrid studio( class starts on June 22 and I can't wait. The class is maximum 5 students and NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY is emphasized. How perfect is that! Below is the studio's storefront. Quite gorgeous.


Irene said...

You are a brave woman. Go for it.

Elizabeth said...

Have Fun, looking foward to seeing how the class goes and all your beautiful work