February 13, 2007

Westminster Dog Show

It's that time again when the Westminster Kennel Club holds its annual event at Madison Square Gardens in New York. I watched the first day last night on TV and tonight is the final night with the crowning of Best in Show. Now, what's with the cut on the poodles? I hate it, it's so tacky. And why do the poodles always win best in their group- 2 of them won last night. And Martha Stewart got a front row seat to watch the Chow Chow and French Bull Dog compete. If I was to get a dog, it would probably be a Papillon or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Toys R Us.

February 11, 2007

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February 10, 2007

The Joker known as the Sun

the sun is just blazing. as if it were spring-like outside instead of minus a billion with the wind chill. for the past 2 weeks i have tried to walk just over a mile to the nearest mall. Starbucks beckoned to me and the wind was at my back. i also hoped that i could make a dent in the 15 lbs i've packed on since the end of the summer by increasing my exercise level. no such luck. i also tried the 'idiot's diet handbook' but maybe i'm too smart because this also made no impact. perhaps i should somehow accept this new look?
it's just 5:00 pm and the sun is streaming into the apartment through my westward facing windows. the cats are sun bathing. i'm wrapped in woolen sweaters and sipping a coffee laced with Starbuck's hot chocolate. i think this has just ruined the taste of the coffee instead of giving me a mocha effect. did i say that i also can't cook...?

February 9, 2007