March 31, 2010

Last orchid to bloom

Here is the last orchid to bloom. It's a mini and never seems to get more than 3 blossoms but who's complaining...I've had a stellar year in the floral department.
Now, taking the floral theme in a different direction.... Have you ever dropped a big fat blob of tomato-based salad dressing on your favourite pants? I did it last year and tried every non-bleach method known to mankind to rid the offending circle from a pair of heavy linen, khaki coloured pants. Screw it, I thought and reached for the clorox pen. I scratched and scraped and squeezed the bleach all over the stain and it came out!!! Of course, the colour also came out and I was left with a big white circle over the upper thigh. It never occurred to me to dye the pants but I held on to them pending some sort of inspiration. Then, while looking for a space yesterday to house my 500 odd flowers from the 3bird company, I came upon some old-fashioned flowers that I must have ordered as embellishments from Flights of Fancy online store.
( Lo and behold, the bleach stain is now covered.

I think Carmi would be proud.

March 28, 2010

Afternoon at Belle de Provence

Yesterday I was at Bayview Village and lured into Belle de Provence by the absence of clashing fragrances and the voice of one of the salesgirls describing pajamas to 2 ladies. It turned out that these ladies were blind and had in tow their 2 guide dogs - a German Sheppard and a Yellow Lab, both female and very feminine. It turns out that the Sheppard always disobeys instructions to head for Loblaws and drags the owner into the shop. She noses around the open shelves at the cash desk and this time she managed to score a rubber ducky. Usually when I see a working dog, I feel so sad for them. They somehow look defeated, moving so much slower than those long leg should be going, head downturned that looks less like concentration than the blocking out of doggie distractions. These 2 dogs looked like the life of the party and their owners had much the same spirit. When the purchase of the ducky had been made, the dog was told to turn left and, on her way, she managed to pull out a back scrubber to check it out one last time. For that day, at least.

March 27, 2010

Lilith Fair

The other night I was flipping through the channels out of late night boredom and I happened upon Jimmy Kimmel Live who was interviewing Sarah McLaughlan and Emmylou Harris about the 2010 Lilith Fair. The original was 11 years ago and I sort of found myself there by accident. I went with a colleague and her teenage daughter and her friend. What an amazing experience. So I decided that I had to go, this likely being the last outdoor concert I will ever attend. I ordered my tickets - July 24th at the Molson Amphitheatre - online and, although none of the acts for this date have been announced except for Sarah, I'm sure it will be great. The Florida lineup is amazing! Anyone want to come with me? To Toronto, not Florida.

March 24, 2010

A Cold Spring Day

I would dearly love to go outside in the sunshine but I've been ill all night - chills, no thrills, sick stomach, headache...I guess I shouldn't complain. It's the first time I've been sick in over a year. Got to watch Carmi on the Shopping Channel and I ended up ordering all kinds of stuff I don't need. Now I'm thinking that I should have ordered the flowers. Maybe I will.....
Last night I listed quite a few dog sweaters on my etsy shop. End of season sale, free shipping. I subjected Amber to the runway experience and she was furious with me. The sweater was too big for her anyway.
I'm delighted with the perfect timing of my orchid blossoms. As one plant begins to wane, another begins to bloom.
This is my newest acquisition from the plant stand at the Finch Subway Station.
It's an indication that in 2 months, the balcony can be planted.