March 31, 2010

Last orchid to bloom

Here is the last orchid to bloom. It's a mini and never seems to get more than 3 blossoms but who's complaining...I've had a stellar year in the floral department.
Now, taking the floral theme in a different direction.... Have you ever dropped a big fat blob of tomato-based salad dressing on your favourite pants? I did it last year and tried every non-bleach method known to mankind to rid the offending circle from a pair of heavy linen, khaki coloured pants. Screw it, I thought and reached for the clorox pen. I scratched and scraped and squeezed the bleach all over the stain and it came out!!! Of course, the colour also came out and I was left with a big white circle over the upper thigh. It never occurred to me to dye the pants but I held on to them pending some sort of inspiration. Then, while looking for a space yesterday to house my 500 odd flowers from the 3bird company, I came upon some old-fashioned flowers that I must have ordered as embellishments from Flights of Fancy online store.
( Lo and behold, the bleach stain is now covered.

I think Carmi would be proud.


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Leslie Jane Moran said...

To heck with Carmi being proud, I'm proud of you. That looks great! Very Lilith I think! :)

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MarissaDW said...

YOur orchids are beautiful. YOu'll have to let me know what you do. I keep killing my orchids. I'm down to two and a half. I'm saying half...because the third one has barely any roots.

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