March 28, 2010

Afternoon at Belle de Provence

Yesterday I was at Bayview Village and lured into Belle de Provence by the absence of clashing fragrances and the voice of one of the salesgirls describing pajamas to 2 ladies. It turned out that these ladies were blind and had in tow their 2 guide dogs - a German Sheppard and a Yellow Lab, both female and very feminine. It turns out that the Sheppard always disobeys instructions to head for Loblaws and drags the owner into the shop. She noses around the open shelves at the cash desk and this time she managed to score a rubber ducky. Usually when I see a working dog, I feel so sad for them. They somehow look defeated, moving so much slower than those long leg should be going, head downturned that looks less like concentration than the blocking out of doggie distractions. These 2 dogs looked like the life of the party and their owners had much the same spirit. When the purchase of the ducky had been made, the dog was told to turn left and, on her way, she managed to pull out a back scrubber to check it out one last time. For that day, at least.

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Irene said...

Isn't that funny how they show their personality. Hope that was acceptable to the owner.