April 7, 2010

Puppy Planning

I am sorely tempted by all of these puppies but I need to plan for a proper adoption. Introduction to my 2 neurotic cats, where will the puppy sleep and eat and other issues, blahblahblah...The long haired chihuahua is gorgeous but yappy as hell at 9 weeks. The only female is the buff coloured poodle but Mr. Personality is the Yorkie for sure. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with a hypoallergenic breed when they are so small, how much can they shed? Besides, it's the cats that are the most allergenic. I remember going to the allergy clinic at Mt. Sinai where the nurse told me to trade in the cats for an iguana.
Anyone have any breed suggestions or even know of a Toronto breeder?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

What an adorable bunch! Where are they all from??

I go between wanting a dog badly, and then realizing all the stuff it entails. I would enjoy yours though, and I could always doggy-sit for you! :) Sorry, I don't know any local breeders.

Irene said...

don't know any breeders either, How will your cats adjust?