April 17, 2010

Work in progress

I've been working on this fabric box for a long, long time. As suggested by other box owners, I'm going to make a removable shoulder/across the shoulder strap for wearing as a little purse. That might be a problem for me since my ability at perceptual problem solving is hampered. Maybe it's genetic.
Meanwhile, after my 3rd cup of cawfee, I'm feeling sleepy. Ha! I've conquered the effects of caffeine. By consuming so many cups in my attempt at identifying my favourite flavours, I've now desensitized. Good for me. Or, as Karen says, Keurig is dutch for neat!


Irene said...

Your box is looking great, maybe I need to add yet another one to my bookcase.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I LOVE the box. I won't require straps on it :) SOLD

AND which K-cup did you decide you like the best??? I am currently into the "Donut Coffee", the pink and orange one from Timothy's. I have such a selection that I'll cobble together a treat for you.