April 16, 2010

Airmile rewards

What is there to do when you have insomnia and need to shop. And you have a lot of Airmiles and nowhere to go. You shop with your airmiles points! Although they tell you it will take a month to deliver, my items were here within 48 hours. The Keurig came with 18 different samples of coffee and tea and it's no wonder I was up all night after sampling almost all of them. The toast is great on bagels and frozen breads of any kind since it defrosts first - if you remember to press that button.

And the deed is done! I've reserved a puppy in the October litter from Cottoncandycotons and should have him/her by the end of December or January. He will probably be called Whimsey and if it's a girl, also Whimsey or the frech translation which is Caprice. Or Whimsey Caprice. Must have a middle name. The dog in the picture is one of the breeder's boys and comes from Denmark. Any colours you see around the face mainly are likely to fade to pure white or just a hint of colour since the white gene dilutes all other colours except if the skin underneath is blue. When Carmi gets back from Paris, we will go visit the dogs and the breeder asked me to bring along some of my dog sweaters in case any Toronto clients are interested. How am I going to wait until the end of December... I guess I'll just keep drinking coffee and watching Cesar, the Dog Whisperer to become calm and assertive. The coffee should have me hysterical and aggressive. Better switch to decaf.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

YAY! Another Keurig convert! I can't live without my Keurig. Now the DOG!!!! SHARON!!!!

I LOVE that doggie. Maybe I should get one of his/her siblings!

Can't wait to hear more about this.

This is FABULOUS news indeed. Bravo

Karen said...

Keurig is Dutch for neat.... So neat Sharon, enjoy!