May 9, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day always used to pose a kind of dilemma when I was younger. Chosing an appropriate gift was impossible. Firstly, I was told that I had no money and why should I waste it on something not wanted. I always felt like a loser. Then I found the perfect gift that all of us could enjoy together - tickets to the latest broadway musical, Cirque de Soleil, dance troupe. But those days are now long gone as my parents age and become frail. I suppose there is always enjoyment in a huge bouquet of flowers. My mother admires them while my father takes about 350 shots of them which he then subjects to photoshop antics. I think I will have to pick up the flowers tomorrow to avoid ending up with nothing when Sunday comes along. I will hit the 4 flower shops at Ave and Dav - the best selection in the city. And, of course, I will drop a bundle to make up for the indecision of chosing which flowers to leave behind.

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