April 20, 2007

Is it really here?

I dare say that spring has sprung. Maybe. I really don't trust the first perfect day as spring having already arrived. Usually it's just a sneak preview of what's to come with another cold blast yet to follow. But who knows with this global warming business.

My attempt at another fabric box went awry. My measurements seemed to be off... the sides weren't long enough. So I'm trying another one but I've really lost my enthusiasm.

Since the weather is so lovely I've been taking long walks and happened to stop by a Pet Value store en route. I picked up the most expensive cat food you can buy (I'm almost ashamed) but nothing is too good for the girls. It's freeze dried and can be given to either dogs or cats. It's ideal for camping says the label. Who goes camping, I'd like to know. Unfortunately they only had the chicken/turkey flavour and lamb is preferred in this household. Tayoh will eat anything with gusto. Amber is on strike. Phooey. I'm not going to start to prepare 2 different meals! Or am I...... Did I mention that Amber has given herself a lovely bikini line from constant licking shown as the white flash on her belly in the photo above.


martha said...

I've missed you! Your kitty is sweet. I haven't finished the first box that I started with Keely (and I bought fabric for a second one)(from Keely). Maybe someday........

Ronna said...

Aren't cats the fussiest eaters? I have five and at breakfast, when I put down their food (all the same), they fight to get in each other's bowls. Go figure!