August 7, 2007

Where have all the birds gone?

There have been no visitations to the bird seed cup in a week now. Are they sick of the menu? Have I killed them off by changing their diet? Have they been threatened by their flockmates? I'm deeply distressed by there absence.

On a brighter note, I had today the most delightful coffee meeting with Colette. She's such a darling and so easy to talk to. You can tell that she is sensitive and has a wonderful way of expressing herself in the written word. Go see her blog (linked in the sidebar). She has given me invaluable advice on how to set up an Etsy shop and I will let you know when I'm in the groove. Does any one know what Etsy stands for?

1 comment:

A bird in the hand said...

I just came over to tell you I saw your booklace on art-e-zine; it's beautiful and I love the chain and the attachments too (I need to learn how to do that, attaching and curling wire..).

Hope to get together soon, after I get back from over the pond. I was thinking the birds may be having a junk food break. You know, like humans....