April 27, 2008

Friday night fumblings

So Friday night with my artistic buddies came and went . Karen taught us a wee class on covering a wooden bead and then wire wrapping them. I was sure that this would be easy. NOT. I couldn't even glue the paper over the bead without it lifting. I should have given up at that point but found myself even more confused by the wrapping. This shouldn't have happened since I used to make jewelry and wrapped things many times. Just not my day

The TTC went on strike and it was murder to get a cab to the garage sale we were having the next day. The menu was all the things we had collected over the years and weren't being used. All for a loonie or a twonee. I'm not sure how much I made (if anything) since I forgot to count the slush fund before the sale. The leftover rubber stamps were going to a homeless women's shelter and the magazines and the rest to Good Will. Now I look around the apartment and find that I still have no storage room. I should have been more ruthless in my selections. Maybe next year.

The monthly assignment was the conversion of a wooden day timer pictured in a posting below.
I'm sure that Carmi will be posting all the pics in the appropriate spot on her web site.

Meanwhile here is mine....

The cupboard is on its side - the sled for the iditarod.

And lest I forget to mention, spring is finally here. Even if it's going to be cold next week. The magnolias are in bloom, my favourite squirrel is crawling up my leg to sit on my purse while I rummage for nuts. Now, don't get turned off because he's a rodent. They're smart and cute. Perfect combo. And the Canada geese are laying eggs with the males pushing the females aside to count and reposition the eggs. Photo courtesy of A. Ginsberg (the dad).

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Susan Williamson said...

I'm glad i wasn't the only one who had trouble covering the beads.
P.S. Loved your sled calendar.