September 8, 2008


I'm ashamed to admit that I've discovered the dreaded silverfish in my bathrooms and kitchen. In reading some info on the net I've discovered that they sneak in via the spaces and cracks around the pipes. But how did they get into the building in the first place? An unanswered question. The non-insecticide way of dealing with them is to fill in every single crack even if it's the living room or bedroom. Waaaaah! My whole place is cracked up. Then the addition of salt and cloves. I shall have to make some kind of effort before the eggs hatch - 100 every 2 m0nths. Can you imagine. Right now my cat is stationed in front of the dishwasher - fish patrol. Clearly she saw one skittle under the huge space between the dishwasher and the floor. The builders botched up this area. They didn't even lay tile underneath the dishwasher up to the wall. I should sue.

They are almost impossible to kill once you start chasing them around the room. They are so unbelievably fast and stepping on them doesn't do the trick. You have to swish back and forth with your shoe in order to make contact for the kill. I shall have to examine every article I pick up to make sure I don't touch one of them. I'm bug phobic especially in this case. They are so ugly so I won't post a picture.

Will keep you posted.

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