April 11, 2009

I did it again

Sure enough, it's April so I must be due to have a fall. Right on my face. The fellow walking towards me was so worried because I was gushing blood from somewhere and he wanted me to go straight to the hospital. He called upon the two women coming up behind me to pronounce their opinion concerning the forehead gash. One of them called her husband to come and drive me home. See, all the nice people are on Sheppard. To hell with the Yonge St. crowd.

At home, when I had a look at myself, I realized that these people were right. So I hopped a cab to the Urgent Care Centre at Branson Hospital. Several hours later, the doctor came in and revealed that there were areas in the wound that reached down to the frontal bone. OOOOOOh. This is somewhat significant, I think. So I now have an ugly forehead gash and a nose that is misshapen from the swelling and scraped up as well. Woe is me.

I have been trying to work on some fabric boxes but I'm having problems with motivation and concentration. I find myself doing bits on one and then putting it away and starting another. I think I'm creatively blocked.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Can I not leave town??? Oh my dear. You must take some time off and rest your head. Coffee and Champagne will be off the list for a bit. I'll come and serve you ginger ale [the sick persons drink]!

Stay upright until I get back. Orders!

irenka said...

I'm so sorry you did that, falling I mean. Maybe you need to have your ears checked, often times people who have ear problems fall. My son for example, fell for years until his ear infection finally cleared up, of coarse it took us years to figure out what was wrong, we just thought he was a clutz. Anyway, you don't look stuck with your boxes, they look great, I'm so enjoying mine, It was suppose to be a gift, never did. Be careful, stay off Younge St. only fall on Shepherd.