February 19, 2011

Keeping warm against the elements

My dog knitting days are over for now and I'm making myself a sweater instead. It's the perfect past-time for sitting in front of the tv.
Last night I tried to ignore the howling wind which was so strong it threatened to push in my windows. They were shaking and rattling in terror. The gusts were 96 km/hr which falls into the definition of blizzard if there had been snow along with it. Since there was no snow it was just called 'windy'. What a joke. Certain streets in the city were closed because of flying debris which included a plaza roof, business signs, hydro wires and little bags of doggie-do. It seems calmer today but that's probably because the wind has shifted to the north. At least I made it out to the grocery store to pick up my favourite marinated artichoke hearts by M'Lord. I'm addicted to them and if I'm going to be a shut-in from the weather, I can chow down on this special treat.
My knitting meanwhile should add further comfort until such time as I have to sew the whole damn thing together. I hate that part like crazy. Wonder if I can pay someone to do it for me. What a coward I am...

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Passion Knit on Yonge at Lawrence does just that! ...sews together your knitted pieces, I mean :) We could meet for a coffee in the spring when you will be finished!