May 21, 2007

Is it fall or spring?

As a true Canadian I am always obsessed with the weather. Of course it's important to know what to wear before leaving the house. Yesterday started off cloudy but soon the sun emerged in all its glory whereupon one was lured into thinking a light sweater would suffice. Not so! A strong northerly wind kept gusting and I know that if it was wintertime, the meteorologists would be talking windchill factor. But it was great for the blossoms. I think the cold preserves them.

I went to Edwards Gardens with my parents to wander about and taking in the various plantings of trees and flowers and attempting to learn what species we were drawn too by reading the little signs shoved into the soil. There was never a sign for the ones we truly were drawn to. Bah! How frustrating. Lilac trees were bursting forth in residential areas but there were no such trees at the gardens. What a disappointment.

Two weeks ago when at the gardens, we saw a Canada goose nesting in the fork of a huge tree well beyond the reach of human hand. Yesterday this goose was strutting with her 4 chicks by the stream. One parent led the way, four chicks in the middle ( all fuzzy with their baby coats) and the other parent at the back. They are so protective of their little ones which is a good thing since the human parents let their little hellions run wild, screaming and throwing stones at the geese. What ever happened to good behaviour....

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