June 7, 2007

Birds of a feather

Well, now that it's early summer, I had a hankering to bring some birds to my balcony. Since most of the birds around here are finches (even the main drag up the street is called Finch), I picked up finch seed. The very finest recommended by breeders - only fresh ingredients. So I proceded to pour some seeds in shallow plastic containers. Originally I had thought of china cups but then it occurred to me that if they blew off the 20th floor, someone below could sustain a concussion or worse.

Immediately upon placing the containers on the outer ledge of the balcony 2 little birds came to dine and chatter up a storm. I don't know if it's the same two birds who keep on visiting several times a day. After all, they all look the same. But my 2 cats are now actively viewing the wildlife show instead of sleeping 20 hours a day. A few minutes ago I heard Amber squak which she usually does when annoyed with Tayoh. I went to investigate and what do I find but the 2 of them on the balcony. They managed to slide the screen door open by themselves. What next. Now I have to keep the glass door closed unless I'm in the room with them.
But I do love to hear the chatter the little birds make announcing their arrival. I sneak to the window to watch them enjoying the feast. I'm sure there must be some condo rule against bird feeders but my makeshift buffet doesn't really constitute a feeder. So I'm delighted while the cats are tortured. Such is life...

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