July 12, 2007

Where's the tooth fairy

So, last night as I'm on my hands and knees plucking up the day's clumps of cat hair, paper shards and random beads what do I find? A tiny tooth. Must be a cat tooth since all of mine are still intact. At first I thought it must be Amber since she's older and has gum disease. And I managed to peek inside her mouth for verification. No evidence of a recently missing tooth. That leaves Tayoh. Somehow I managed to open her mouth and found that her lower left fang had been replaced by a healed over gum. I felt so terrible that I hadn't noticed any clues and wondered if she was in terrible pain. It looks like the root was left behind. I must phone the vet to see if this warrants a shot of antibiotic. My poor little Tayoh. Not so fierce as she pretends to be...

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