November 6, 2007

Life without a TV

I know there are people out there who boast about not having a tv but I'm not one of them. I'm addicted to evening television of the reality sort - Dexter (isn't reality but I love it), Top Chef, Top Design, Project Runway and various programs that fix up and sell homes. Even if I'm not watching, it's there in the background. Last night we had our usual power failure. Averaging about 1 - 2 times a month. There's something seriously wrong here and the power outages have cost our condo thousands of dollars in repair bills. We've sent a letter to Toronto Hydro asking them to reimburse the building. Ha! They must be laughing.
Well, last night my tv was fried when the surge of power was turned back on. I'm going nuts without my staple of entertainment. Who will be eliminated on Dancing with the Stars...? I'm so shallow. I should be reading but who can concentrate. I just ordered a tv online from Future Shop but the website is dithering over something and so I must wait for a phonecall. Boy, do the tvs ever look different these days. Somehow I feel that I've ordered a monitor for the computer. I can't stand the tension of waiting for possibly a week until it's delivered. But, at least I'm finally doing the laundry.


Elizabeth said...

has the TV arrived

A bird in the hand said...

The soap star guy was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

Project Runway Canada rerun is on Saturday night if you get your TV on time.

See, I care!