January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

I can't believe I missed wishing everyone a Happy Holiday which includes New Year. Consider yourself wished belatedly. I can't imagine what I've been doing all this time. A bit of nature stuff like feeding the squirrels and the pigeons. The latter are the only type of bird I see that is not fearful of people. Kids toss their leftover buns on the ground and an entire flock of pigeons descend from the top of the Shoppers Drugmart sign to fight oneanother for a honkin' big wad of bread. I can't stand it. So I started to bring the bird seed left over from my summer attempts to lure the finches to my balcony. The pigeons seem to love the seeds. Easy to pick up in their slim beaks. Yesterday I spied evidence of another person's seed scattering. I now feel reassured that they'll have a decent diet. I'm still walking around with peanuts and bird seed in my purse in case there is an opportune moment to nurture our urban wildlife.

On another note, I've just added some jewelry to my
Etsy shop:
Have a look.

That's all for today. I must force myself to go to the gym or, if the weather permits (no wind) take a long walk. The temperature is going to rise to double digits over the weekend.
This is Toronto - temperature up and down like a yoyo so that one can't figure out what to wear. But even that prediction is extreme. Spring in winter. Unnatural.

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