January 18, 2008

Altered Art

I have just rejoined my art group after a year's hiatus. The group of 12 meets once a month and we are required to produce something out of a dollar store item given to us by the leader of our pack. So I have homework to do. Usually I haven't a clue what to do but this time I knew the instant I saw it. But I'm finding the execution of the idea so beyond my capabilities. Here is the vase assignment.

In my mind it seems straightforward but I guess it's not. The meeting and reveal takes place next Friday evening so I shall post the finished project after that.

We seem to be having a little snowstorm at the moment. If the weather is tolerable (i.e. no cyclonic winds) I usually take a long walk. My decision to walk will depend on the wind and which direction it's coming from. Not in the face is the rule. So I shall bundle up and set forth.

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