February 20, 2008

Will this winter never end...?

I'm beginning to hate this winter business. There's the yo-yo effect of the temperature rising, then falling, thus creating treacherous sidewalk conditions. You stop to regain your balance but there's no such thing as stopping - the legs seem to slide away in opposite directions. I even saw a little pug dog doing his business and all 4 of his little legs were sliding around. Wiarton Willie promised another 6 weeks of winter on February 2. I'm not sure I believe him.

I see that Carmi is lamenting the February club assignment which she, herself, assigned :

I feel reluctant to complain since I just rejoined the group and don't want to appear a whiner. Nevertheless, this wallet doesn't even have any money in it to sweeten the deal. Alas, the story of my life - an empty wallet. Well, after the meeting I will 'publish' my creation. I keep starting, then stopping and, since there's a deadline, I suppose that will push me ahead to finish the mess.

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