July 4, 2009

I seem to be a flunkee

After much coaching by LJM, I continue to fail my million attempts at trying to have my blog links show their pictures. Why do I not have the same screen as she does when I move about behind the scenes. Remember when I wiped out my entire sidebar way back when...? I think this may be the same situation. Oh well...
What a glorious day it is. My very favourite kind of weather but my hair continues to be huge courtesy of yesterday's humidity. I was feeling so cooped up at home (self-imposed isolation to avoid temptation away from my clear fluid diet) that I thought I'd take a walk to Shoppers' Drug Mart. That should be safe enough. But, en route, I fell victim to the irresistible urge for a Starbuck's mocha frapuccino light and broke my resolve. So I said to myself 'how do I counteract this serious infraction' and, of course, the answer was right there at SDM. I picked up extra laxatives and an extra bottle of the purgative which I've just consumed. So I'm waiting and waiting for my punishment.
I finally put up my Sid Dickens tiles which I bought almost 2 years ago and they have been sitting in a bag ever since. In honour of the new sofa coming, I finally remembered them and how nice they would look against dark chocolate furniture. I have some more tiles coming in a couple of months. I actually saw them being sold on ebay for about 1.5 times what they are at the Sid Dickens website.

Meanwhile, Tayoh has started coughing and that means she will be going to the vet in a couple of weeks. In the new stroller. I can't believe how disinterested both cats have been around this new addition to their landscape. Last night I put a catnip pillow inside and picked up Amber, tossing her in the carriage. She stayed there for about 5 minutes. I guess that's ok. She also has just started coughing as well as sneezing and has a nasty sore on her chin. I think that she too will be making an excursion to the vet. Last night I tried the 'hiding-of-the-lysine-powder' in the pill pockets and by some miracle she's eaten 2 doses. I'm only putting a very small amount into the pocket so there isn't the leakage I had before. Also this is the veterinary version so maybe it has a different taste.
Time to sit on the balcony to enjoy the late afternoon sun with a tall glass of apple-peach juice.