July 31, 2009


In a frantic attempt to restore the comment section under my posts, I've changed the template. I don't think this actually does anything except to offer a change of scene. I've printed off all kinds of instructions regarding the restoration of comments and nothing has worked so far. I'm frustrated beyond measure. Bordering on tears. So, there you go. Nothing to say except maybe a prayer.

I can now get emails from my father but they show up in the 'deleted' folder so I dare not empty it before checking. He is an 'approved sender' according to my designation but this seems to make no difference. I wonder if Windows Vista has become all powerful and is showing its dominance over me. I even manage to lose my last post without ever pressing a 'delete' button. How weird is that!

I think it's time to chow down over a bowl of organic white cherries. And then some black licorice.

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