September 28, 2009


It was sort of a miserable day, starting off with an ambush of rain and me, on my way to Markham by TTC for a cardiac stress test. The first umbrella I took with me launched itself across the road, using the handle and main stem as a sling shot. Now, how does that happen...? So I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart for a replacement. The prices make no sense at all - more expensive for a tiny, manual one.

For the past couple of years I've been passing an optical boutique in the underground concourse on my way to the subway. Last week I stopped to look at the frames and discovered the most unique, artistic designs, all from France. How come it's taken so long to come up with such delightful eyewear. So I now have a pair but it's hard to appreciate the 3-d structure from the picture. Even the case is snazzy. I feel compelled to get a second pair with the transition lenses so that I don't always have to change over to sunglasses.

When stocking up on catfood yesterday, I came across a laser light device for making the girls frisky and interested in some play. I don't even have to operate it - it moves the light around all by itself. Tayoh showed a bit of interest and tried to pick up the beam with her paw. Amber fell asleep on the sofa despite the beam landing on her forehead. Too old for play, I guess.


Carmi said...

I love those glasses!!

Irene said...

Love your new glasses. Know what you mean with the umbrellas, I'm now on # 6 since spring. Big deal that they have a 25year guarantee, who's going to run into traffic to collect them. My cat would be all over that laser toy. We get him going with a flash light just for some play, the unfortunate part is that when he doesn't catch the light he gets angry and bites. If I had to write a report card I'd have to say Keehan doesn't play well with others.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Those are very cool glasses. I'm heavily into glasses mode these days. Had to get a new script for driving glasses as I can't adapt to bi-focally things. I guess we'll have to start looking at more and more of these "accessories".