December 26, 2009

And to all a good night

I can't believe how quickly the special days came and went. It's always like that. I hope everyone celebrated in fine style. I can't remember if New Year is the end of something or the beginning of something. Last year's 10 pound pledge was the beginning of something and for my part was exceeded by a whole lot of extra pounds taken on rather than shed. What a disaster. And now I find myself addicted to hot chocolate. Sometimes I make it cold. It's great either way. Martha, got a leftover heart-shaped cookie?
I've just finished Andy's sweater and still am contemplating whether or not to make an actual sleeve. I didn't take that particular measurement and I don't want it to chafe his little armpit. I also have another sweater on hand to see if it might be a better fit.
My personal trainer has commissioned a sweater for her bunny. Now that's going to be a big challenge. I've never seen a bunny close-up but I know they come in many sizes. They are also bigger than chihuahuas. The bunny tried on one of my chi sweaters and apparently fell over, face first, out of sheer terror over wearing a garment. The trials of being a fashionista.
Can't decide if I should brave the rains to visit my Starbucks or continue watching the Sherlock Holmes marathon. Yesterday it was Underdog to Wonderdog on the Animal Planet and I cried the whole time. Basil Rathburn does not evoke that kind of emotion. If anything, he propels me towards Starbucks.


Irene said...

get your umbrella out and head on over to starbucks.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

We watched the Hound of Baskervilles. It was really pretty gruesome for that era wasn't it!??

Yes, I agree, Basil sent me off to the Hugh Grant marathon. Hugh is always Hugh playing Hugh, but Sound of Music isn't on until tonight!

Get me a skinny vanilla soy latte please:)