December 7, 2009

Holly Jolly 2009

Well, the annual Holly Jolly sale has come and gone.I was in panic mode at not having enough stuff to sell and anxious over having the wrong stuff to sell.I had 10 knitted dog sweaters and only one purchase. It was an apprehensive transaction since one rarely knows the actual measurements of the dog recipient. No problem. If it doesn't fit I'll do a made-to-measure sweater. Martha had her West Highland terrier come by at the end of the show to try on a sweater. It turns out that Andy is a mutant Westie - absolutely huge! And so sweet. So I grabbed my tape measure from my purse and proceded to take down his statistics for a custom garment.
The beaded hearts were also popular as were my fabric boxes.
It was disappointing that so few people dropped by. Perhaps we need a more intensive ad campaign. Or a more accessible venue. Things to evaluate for next year. Meanwhile, I shall have to be creative throughout the year and not the 6 weeks prior to the show.

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Irene said...

I love my fabric box, and if my cat needed a sweater, well... I think you need the aggressive ad campain. Your location was great. Good lighting and pleasant atmosphere. Katie brought her fabric box to the encaustic class, and everyone wanted to know where she bought it. Maybe you should check out Wise Daughters for your sweater sales.