February 15, 2010

If it's Valentine's Day, it's the Orchid Show

Every year, around this time, I make the pilgrimage with my parents to The Toronto Botanical Centre (aka Edwards Gardens)for the Southern Ontario Orchid Society show. The orchids are many and varied - from gigantic blooms to teeny tiny specks. And all are displayed in a landscape design resembling the forest floor with lots of wood, moss and ferns. I was determined to purchase a "paph" - also known as a lady's slipper. But the one's already in bloom were $100. So I bought one that is supposed to bloom next spring. We'll see. I did buy an 'oncidium' orchid in bloom and with lots of buds. The colour is so vibrant. Hope it doesn't die from exposure to the elements although I did bring it into Swiss Chalet for dinner. All the orchid 'breeders' insist on an eastern exposure to provide the correct light. I face west so they'll just have to comply with house rules if they are to survive. So far I've managed to keep 3 of them alive here and the latest ones purchased in the subway are having their first blooming in my home so this is a very exciting event since I've done nothing to encourage growing action. Just lucky, I guess.

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Irene said...

You are very brave, I wouldn't have ventured them out from their toasty homes. This why I don't have orchids, public transit kills them. Yours are lovely.