January 31, 2010

Knitting for imaginary dogs

What was that commercial all about? Incomprehensible yet cute.

The management for my condo refused to allow me to put up a poster advertising my dog sweaters yet they allow moving sales, tutoring and all manner of money making ventures. How is my advertising different... They typed up one sentence for me which was displayed on the bulletin board for 2 days and then it came down in favour of Mandarin Chinese tutoring. I'm so frustrated. I was invited to put up a poster in the Pet Valu store quite a distance from where I live but I think I'll try it. I suppose there's always the option of taping a poster to one of the light standards in front of my building.

Here are 2 more knits.

I rather like the one with the voile daisies and violets. This was actually a way of hiding a fault in the yarn but I think I'll start with the embellishments. Makes them look unique.


Irene said...

These are great, almost makes me want to go and get a dog. I imagine the cat wouldn't like that too much.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

That commercial is clearly about cats who travel on business. They need a good hotel with internet! Notice that cats only wear ties and not sweaters ? :)

Good luck with the knitting. I actually saw a book on knitting for dogs, but I assume this is how you started your new profession. I think those long sweaters are a sign that I should get a long haired daschund.