January 15, 2010

Still no room at the inn

In a desperate attempt to find even just the very smallest storage space, I climbed a stepladder to investigate the upper shelf options in my spare room. What did I find but 2 pieces of art from a class with Lesley Riley in image transfer at the Art & Soul Dallas. One is done on a folded paper bag and the other on a small canvas. There's still no space. I don't seem to be able to cast off my junk. Pretty soon I'll be featured on that A&E program, The Hoarders.
I see that the dollar is way up which means that I can justify cross border shopping on-line. And what would I like? Why, more yarn, of course.


Irene said...

these are beautiful, they should be at the wise daughters for sale. My kids are saying I'd qualify for the Hoarders as well. I'm in good company.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oddly enough, I have not seen yarn anywhere here. I will keep my eyes open for something "Sharonesque". Loved the sweater you did for Andy. Makes me want a dog.

Carmi said...

These are beautiful! What a surprising find!
Pre-sewing machine!