January 4, 2010

Lazy day

Well according to my google gadget for weather, it's as bloody cold as it was yesterday. It's probably colder since the sun is shining.

I've been watching in awe as my yellow orchid has come into bloom. All by itself with no coaxing from me. I'm thinking I should fertilize it - the least I could do since it's bringing me so much pleasure. I keep eyeing the other 2 orchids for signs of life and there's just nothing there. I suppose I shouldn't be so greedy. I thought orchids only bloomed once a year. It's a happy sight with the condensation on the window and condo complex in the background. Now I'm glancing outside and I see there's a mini blizzard coming on with the snow at a 45 degree angle from the north. I'll upgrade the forecast to 'bitter' cold. Better turn the TV on to the Fireside channel.

1 comment:

Irene said...

Stay toasty. It is as bloody cold today as yesterday.