June 2, 2010

On Friday I received a registered letter from Industry Canada citing that harmful radio waves were being emitted from my apartment on April 22, 2010. In compliance with the law, an inspector would be dispatched to the premises to investigate. EEK! What does this mean....am I suspected of terrorism? Are there extra terrestrials in the neighbourhood? Will I have all my electronic devices confiscated? Will I have to buy an ipad afterall? Have you ever heard of such a thing.

I phoned the number in the letter and thus commenced an interview and the emphasis was on cordless phones and where did they come from. It seems that devices obtained from other countries operate on different radio frequencies which jam the frequencies being used in Canada - probably aircraft are at risk. It turns out that I cleared myself by fessing up to everything and I don't have to worry about a home visit. It's likely one of my neighbours.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I think you should reward yourself with an iPad! or at least a Kindle.

Susan Williamson said...

This is just too strange, don't you think? I think you should unplug everything and turn it into art!

A bird in the hand said...

eeek! I have a cordless phone. But I didn't get a letter, so I must be safe. Or am I?