December 22, 2010

Dog Sweater Donations

After a year of stockpiling small handknit dog sweaters, I've made the decision to donate them to a small dog rescue. Happy Tails rescue focuses on bichon frise and maltese although pictures on their website suggest they might take mixed breeds. Some pups have to be shaved because of severe matting and a soft fuzzy garment might provide some comfort. Hopefully I will have a couple of pictures forthcoming.


Carmi said...

That is the nicest idea! What a wonderful donation!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh my. What a wonderful idea. Those puppies will adore their new outfits! What a sweetheart you are for this fabulous donation.

MarissaDW said...

What a great idea Sharon! I'm sure some little sweetheart will be nice and cozy in these sweaters.