December 7, 2010

Another addiction surfaces

The first snowfall has lingered and renewed itself on a daily basis. It's not unpleasant except for the blasted wind. I awoke today to my apartment temperature at 66 Fahrenheit (an American thermometer). How did it get so cold?

So it's quite pleasant being indoors and I seem to have succumbed to the making of 'sausage' jewelry. I'm not sure how to name it but Nancy was the first to give in to the allure of wire and beads in an obsessive way. Her work is exquisite. I'm not so productive and have only one and a half pieces to show for my efforts so far. Maybe if I could just apply myself to Viking Knit...

1 comment:

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Love Love Love the newest designs! Your findings are fabulous dahhhling! Bravo for carrying on!
Viking Knit chain??????????