January 27, 2011


This isn't a very good picture because of the lamp illumination

After a year of not being able to read because of lack of concentration, or, so I thought, I whined at my doctor for assistance. He immediately suggested I try an electronic book reader as many of his other patients found them successful in alleviating readers' block. So I ordered a Kindle from Amazon.com and I've only just picked up the basics so far. It's the latest version and comes with WiFi and 3G so I can download books in under a minute without connecting to the computer. They say that the 3G will work anywhere, including Europe. I managed to change the size of the font 3-fold and what a difference this makes to reading. I haven't yet made time to read (being out of practice) but look forward to getting back in the groove. What puzzled me was the image that comes on the screen when you turn the Kindle off. I guess it's some sort of screen saver and depicts various authors or book illustrations.

My first read is the book I left abandoned a year ago - The Girl Who Played With Fire. Any recommendations for my next?


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got the Kindle. You must order "The Help". I have tons of others, but that one is a great read and an even better audio book with the fabulous southern accents. I could so have used a Kindle in Belgium. I was forced to go to major cities that had bookstores who supplied English books and it was so difficult. A Kindle would have been my best friend. Hope you enjoy it!

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Well, there are so many! Read the entire "girl" trilogy. Also, I agree with "the help". I loved the corner of bitter and sweet. And now I am reading cutting for stone. Amzing!
How exciting Sharon!!!!

MarissaDW said...

Nice toy! I can see why anyone could get hook to reading. Love anything electronics. Have fun Sharon!