October 23, 2008

Back to Normal

After such a lovely weekend of leaving the mundane behind and foraging through my creative debris, I was rudely dragged into an unexpected assault on my girls' bathroom (the girls being the cats). I went out for lunch on the waterfront. It was pretty chilly with that everpresent obnoxious wind but the rough waters still had the power to calm and sooth the nerves. My outing was well-timed as the management had posted a notice that water would be shut down in the building for repairs. When I got home there was a printed form from the management office citing why they entered the apartment. It's supposed to hang on the doorknob but, of course, it was lying on the floor. The handwriting was illegible. "Investigating" was the only word I could make out. Investigating leon? That's what it looked like but I don't know a leon. I followed a trail of plaster pieces and all of them led into the girls' bathroom. Half the ceiling is gone. What a creepy mess. Apparently there's a leak. I have visions of millions of silverfish diving into the apartment through such a welcoming exit. Waaaaah.....

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