October 29, 2008


Well, winter is undeniably here. At least for today. Until now I've been walking around in sandals due to some ingrown toenails that won't allow me to put on any shoes that I own. But last night it snowed - no real accumulation but the wind was nasty, the ground was wet and I felt it was time to investigate my boots. I found a pair that is one size larger than my shoe size - to accommodate thick socks. I ended up wearing them all day. Too hot. I am still refusing to wear a winter coat. This is way too soon to give in to winter this soon. And the temperature is going up starting tomorrow. I hate this seesaw temp already. What a wimp.
I neglected to show you the necklace I bought from Jane Wynn when she was in Toronto last week.

I just love her work.

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

In the end, I thought YOUR work was amazing! Once the drilling fear was gone and the torch mania was in place, you did such an amazing job! Love what you bought too.