November 13, 2008

You've gotta have heart

I've been looking forward to a class with Nancy Donaldson for weeks now. Yesterday it happened with Irene and Leslie as the 2 other students. So nice to have so much individual attention. Especially since what looked like an easy, straightforward project required all kinds of manual dexterity and problem solving abilities. What's happened to me...? I used to be pretty clever but in my old age I find myself helpless in learning something new.

I first saw Nancy's heart necklace (and Leslie was also wearing one too ) at the Jane Wynn workshop several weeks ago. I lusted after it. Hence the motivation for taking this class from Nancy and here are the results. Of course all I could see were my mistakes but from a distance it looks fine. It's so hard to find the materials necessary - I've been on-line half the day looking for rebar wire.

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