November 13, 2008

You've gotta have heart

Yesterday was a wonderful day taking a jewellery class from Nancy Donaldson. The inspiration came as a result of Nancy wearing her necklace for the Jane Wynn workshops a few weeks ago. Leslie and Irene rounded out the class of three and this guaranteed all kinds of special attention from our teacher. Beyond the techniques to be learned, the goal was to come away with a necklace of our own doing finished and ready to wear. It's surprising how a once clever girl (i.e. myself) could have so many problems taking on new skills. All I could see in my heart was the mistakes. But it looks fine from a distance and I'm determined to do a few more necklaces depending on where to find the materials. I've been on-line for half a day searching in vain for rebar wire.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I think I may have found the wire at the Rona near me. I didn't know if it was the correct gauge, it wasn't in the fencing dept., but it looked the same. I'll investigate further and share with you, as I'll never use up a full coil. Hang on and just keep remembering what we did !:)

I still can't find either the torch or the damn stand for the dremel to make it into a drill press. I'll be out and looking this weekend. Stay tuned.

nancy said...

Hey Sharon, your necklace is amazing, I hope you get a chance to do more. I can ship you some wire! thanks for including me in your blog and all your kind words!

irenka said...

Your necklace looks more than fine, and we will find some rebar wire. I was cleaning my dad's garage yesterday and found solder, yippy. No anvil though, I know he had one, but I guess my mom got rid of it. Lots of hammers though. I'll be sending my son to get Leslie and I a drill press.