November 19, 2008

Attack of the evil toenails

Well I finally did it. After a summer of excruciating pain in the big toes I finally went to the podiatrist to have toenail surgery which involves yanking out the offending portions of nail from the bone. Just the thought of it gave me the willies. My girlfriend had a like response and announced that it was worse than having needles stuck in one's eyes. I don't know where she gets this. Eyeballs freak me out. The podiatrist froze me completely so I felt nothing. Except for the needle prick. Now that the freezing is wearing off I'm sore. So I'm going to take advantage of my justified inactivity and go to bed under the duvet with my girls. And 'baby it's cold outside'.
No pictures of my toes available.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh dear. I can relate to sore toes. I've been hobbling since an unusual cut from a shattered glass in a ceramic bathroom. Nothing as excruciating or daunting as yours, but I agree totally with the ....get in bed under the covers and cozy up. Hope you are up and around again soon. Can't keep a good woman down at this time of year! Best wishes. I wish I were closer to bring you a cup of tea.

nancy said...

good advice leslie, take care of yourself!
p.s. I take my encaustic class at the toronto school of art. only 2 more classes left. the photo where taken in AZ