August 23, 2009

Annual Garage Sale

Yesterday was Marissa's annual garage sale and I had decided to sell off as many rubberstamps as I could stuff into a suitcase. I don't know when I last used a rubberstamp. I thought that I could liberate some storage space but it turns out that I still have too much 'stuff' lurking about. I had priced everything beforehand which turned out to be a good thing since I was fifteen minutes late and Marissa had kindly accepted half the day's income in those 15 minutes. The weather was perfect, the company stellar and I got to reacquaint myself with little Aidan who is such a doll. He has an ease when interacting with new people.
For some reason, Aidan thought it would be better to be photographed behind the screened in window. And that's what we have here.

Here is Aidan in his 'Knights of the Round Table' costume.

It turned out to be a very profitable day for me and the money is already spent. Ha!


Irene said...

I new if I went to the sale I would have had to liberate you of anything else that I didn't have, sorry. Love the photo you took of Aidan.

MarissaDW said...

Glad you were able to liberate yourself of the rubberstamps. They were great selection.

I love this photo of Aidan.

Susan Williamson said...

Gosh, I really wish I'd been able to go to Marissa's garage sale. I would loved to have checked out your stamps and engaged in a good natter with you and MDW.