August 1, 2009

Birthday girl

My dear Amber turned 13 today. As usual, she is lounging on the sofa and will soon rotate to the armchair followed by the stroller. Then she will beg for treats and I will succumb, dragging out the Greenies dental treats (dental my eye...cats swallow these things whole. And puke them up whole which provides the evidence for this theory.). As she ages she gets freckles. Her lips are covered in black frecks. Also the rims of her eyes. My vet tells me that red heads are notorious for freckling as they age. All this freckling and no sun exposure. I was racking my brains to think of something special to present her with. Usually I forget about birthdays but this time I decided to get her favourite toy - a realistic looking mouse with leather tail and covered in rabbit fur or something like that. Amber eats the tail first - I find it in the litter box attached to other bodily refuse. So far, she hasn't touched the mouse at all despite my squealing like a pig and whirling the
mouse around in the air by the tail. I guess she's now old enough to not fall for my silly antics.


irenka said...

I like the new colour, and happy B day to Amber. I'm sure she appreciated your antics.

Carmi said...

Happy B Day!!!
Your new title is wonderful!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Happy Birthday Kitty Cat!

Susan Williamson said...

Happy Birthday Amber! BTW, that toy mouse really freaked me out. I thought it was real. (Eat it Amber, eat it).
P.S. I'm loving the new look on your blog and the fact that I can leave comments again.